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Staffing Solutions: The right mix

Dream Team Solutions Inc..

We understand staffing issues are many. We work with you from end-to-end to define your needs and determine solutions to the problems. We maintian a healthy reputation across a wide spectrum of services for our staffing solutions through our proven processes and extensive industry research .

At Dream Team Saffing, we understand your needs so we have formulazied our services as:

Temporary Staffing

Dream team staffing provides you with highly qualified, dependable and tested associates that meet your specifications for short term and long term assignments. The associate remains a Dream Team Staffing employee. Thus we take care of the critical tasks of Human capital management and you focus on strengthening your core business. Dream Team Staffing has partnered with several premier Fortune 100 global companies along with local small to mid sized corporations.

Advantage to you
  • Staffing support all across and always.
  • Flexible and efficient temporary staffing support to work for your company.
  • One stop staffing solution
  • You maintain continuity of operations with well tested and trained DTS’s associates.
Temp to Hire

This program gives you the opportunity to evaluate and select a candidate who is already working in your own environment. This implies no tedious training sessions and ensures higher productivity. The asscoiate will work for you on a temporary assignment for 520 hours on DreamTeam Staffing’s payroll. You benefit with the opportunity of evaluating his/her skills and qualifications. At the end of 520 hours you can transfer the employee to your payroll ensuring a perfect long term fit for your organization


Dream Team Services provide our clients with a world of options for direct hire. We offer pre-screened, qualified, trained and dependable asscoiactes that meet your recruiting needs. A recruiting program with multiple tiers of screening and evaluation to suit each clients individual needs. You can hire and start with the associate of your choice, cutting down the difficulty and distress of endless screening and interviewing.


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