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Human Resource

Dream Team Solutions Inc..

Give your company the strength for staffing sucess. Dream Team Staffing can assist you with the experience and knowledge to function as, or assist, your HR Department.

Risk Management

Dream Team Staffing has safety Directors and compliace specialists to handle all your company's risk management issues, including worker's compensation, SB198, OSHA compliance safety training and more..

Personnel and Labor Law

Dream Team Staffing's HR Diractor can help your organization by providing you with resources relating to wage & labor laws, EEO,ADA Affirmative action, immigration and 1-9s drug screen and many other aspects of personnel and labor affecting your company.

Accounting Services

Dream Team Staffing Employs CPAs to provide you with accounting services such as payroll, tax reporting audting and benefits, plus a varity of other services ranging from financial analysis to tax planning.

Accident Prevention

Dream Team Staffing strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all associates. By instituting rigid controls and shared responsibility between the associate, management and Dream Team Staffing accidents can be effectively reduced. Reasonable and practical efforts include safety training, monitoring, protective clothing, safety equipment, site planning and analysis of Worker’s Compensation claims.

Safety Responsibilities

Dream Team Staffing provides general safety orientation and training of all associated through the use of a comprehensive safety video and education of all safety policies and procedures.

Customer Training Resources

Take advantage of Dream Team Staffing’s extensive training resources. These resources are available at no cost or for a nominal fee and give you the knowledge to handle employment related issues. Many topics are available including conflict resolution, delegation, hiring and firing, sexual harassment, retention and teamwork as well as many other human resource related issues.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Dream Team Staffing ensures equal employment opportunities for all associates regardless of race, religion, color, sex or national origin and does so in accordance with state and federal policies pertaining to age. In addition, Dream Team Staffing provides equal opportunities for all qualified mentally or physical handicapped persons and qualified veterans. Associates are placed only on the basis of their skills, training, education and experience.

ADA policy

Dream Team Staffing does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of disability and fully complies with the American with Disability Act of 1990 (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973and the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964).

Immigration & Naturalization Policy

Dream Team Staffing is in compliance with all the employment eligibility requirements set forth by the United States Department of Justice, and as such will employ eligible associates who have the legal rights to work in the U.S.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Dream Team Staffing is committed to their associates and as such, has a strict policy prohibiting harassment in any form including verbal, physical, visual and sexual. All Dream Team Staffing associates are expected to report all incidents of harassment immediately. All complaints will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Drug Testing Policy

Drug and alcohol use negatively affects workplace safety and associates’ efficiency and productivity. Dream Team Staffing is committed to a drug free workplace. The unlawful use, possession or distribution of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Dream Team Staffing tests for drug use and associates who test positive are in violation of Dream Team Staffing policies. Said associates shall receive disciplinary actions which include immediate termination.

  • Pre-placement drug screening: Dream Team Staffing retains the rights to require drug and/or alcohols screening prior to employment.
  • For cause: When a problem esists which Dream Team Staffing believes is attributable to drug and/or alcohol, testing is auto matically required.
  • Work- related injuries: Associates in safety sensitive positions sustaining work related injuries will automatically be required to take a drug screening.

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